The hidden cost of payroll  fragmentation

Beyond the Payslip

Beyond The Payslip

Beyond the Payslip

The fields of physics and business may have little in common, but there’s one concept that bridges both disciplines: inertia. In business, inertia represents an organizational resistance to change. More specifically, the concept of inertia speaks to the tendency of senior leaders to maintain existing frameworks as a hedge against forces beyond their control. 


Learn the common lines of reasoning behind an inertial approach to administration

State of

Understand the challenges and hidden costs of the common status quo in global payroll

Future of

Find out how transforming global payroll reaps substantial long-term value

PEI report V2

A New Standard for Payroll KPIs

The benchmarks and metrics presented in the Payroll Efficiency Index enable companies to approach their payroll functions with the same attention given to other aspects of enterprise operations, namely, with goals for process optimization, workflow integration, better resource management, and cost reduction.