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Global companies need visibility into their payroll processes anywhere they do business. Combining country-specific payroll data from separate vendors slows the reporting process and leaves room for error. fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10's unified reporting and analytics platform saves payroll managers from this time-consuming work, enabling focus on more important questions.


Drill down to improve internal processes with fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10's customizable dashboarding features. Benchmark, present, and share results companywide in whatever file type you prefer. Finetune payroll processing with the help of fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10's robust and flexible reporting and analytics platform.

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Monitor the right metrics with our advanced analytics toolset to analyze global-level performance or dive deep into the data for granular intelligence.

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Separate Data Sources
Separate Data Sources

Other payroll analytics platforms rely on separate, country-specific vendors to contain data and reporting for global companies, resulting in nonstandard reporting practices.

Global Unified Payroll Analytic-1
Global Unified Payroll Analytics

fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10's singular platform stores all data from all countries in one system of record, enabling detailed and consistent reporting across all countries and regions of operation.

limited Dashboards
Limited Dashboarding Options

Rigid data processing prevents employees analyzing payroll data from creating views that work for their team and company.

Flexibiliity and Freedom-1
Flexibility and Freedom

fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10 gives customers complete access to design their own unique dashboards, or to leverage fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10's robust library of pre-configured reporting solutions -- the choice is yours.

lost in the mix
Lost in the Mix

Global payroll managers can easily overlook hiccups in payroll processing as they juggle reporting for multiple regions.

Automation to Keep Pace-1
Automation to Keep Pace

Payroll analytics teams can set automatic notifications to track SLA breaches for any region they cover with fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10 to proactively address problems as they arise.

Next-Generation Payroll Analytics

Next-Generation Payroll Analytics

Managing global payroll effectively requires real-time visibility into what’s happening across the entire payroll function, and why.   In this CloudPaper, we outline how stakeholders can use analytical insights to drive long-term improvement.