A guide for global payroll leaders

How to Thrive in Your First 90 Days

The First 90 Days- Guide for Global Payroll Leader

How to Thrive in Your First 90 Days

A special report on how to thrive in your first 90 days, a guide for new global payroll leaders.  Often, you’ll have been hired (or promoted) to spearhead a global payroll transformation or stabilization project, meaning you not only face the challenge of adapting to a new environment and new colleagues, but you’ll also need to get to grips with a major change project at the same time. 


Immersion in the business


Building a plan of action


Delivering t ransformation

PEI report V2

A New Standard for Payroll KPIs

The benchmarks and metrics presented in the Payroll Efficiency Index enable companies to approach their payroll functions with the same attention given to other aspects of enterprise operations, namely, with goals for process optimization, workflow integration, better resource management, and cost reduction.